Emma Keene

Author of The Love Series

When I Fell for You

By on December 9, 2016



Alexandra Dwyer is about to start her senior year of high school. Her dad recently moved out and got an apartment. Her mom is struggling to pay the bills and can’t afford to buy new clothes for either of her two children.

Blair, her best friend, suggests Alex should sing in the talent show. The prize is a gift card to the mall and it would give Alex the chance to get some new clothes. Alex knows from the start it’s a terrible idea… one that will only lead to her embarrassing herself in front of the entire school.

Alex, with some unwelcome help from Blair, ends up in the talent show. She knows it’s not going to end well, but she decides to give it a shot and risk the possible humiliation of failure.




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OK… so here it is!

A few people have been asking when my new book is coming out, so I wanted to let everyone know that it’s finally here. Yes, it’s not an Amy book… I’m sorry about that. I needed a break from Amy (but I’ve already started working on the next one!), so I wrote a book that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I hope that everyone enjoys it! This is going to be a three book series, so keep an eye out in the next couple of months for the next book. Take care. Much love.

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